Specsavers Professional Network on Yammer – live everywhere this week

The rollout of the new professional network for optometrists completes this week ahead of schedule when the East, South-west and Midlands divisions go live.

By the end of the week, around 4000 optometrists, including optometrist partners, throughout the UK and Ireland will be able to connect and collaborate with their peers online on all aspects of clinical practice.

Engagement in the network is growing strongly, particularly in the OCT group.

All clinical posts made before 3 June are entered into a prize draw to win one of five Volk lenses.

For any questions about the network, see the information on Connect or email optomyammersupport@specsavers.com

Support and advice will also be available at the two final MiniPACs – in Plymouth on 8 May and Bristol on 9 May.

In with a chance of winning – two recent posts on the network

Win a Volk lens – competition details • The competition runs from 1 April 2019 to 3 June 2019 • The competition is open to all Specsavers optometrists in the UK and Ireland • Entries are unlimited • You need to create a post in the network which must be of a clinical nature and tagged with #optomcompetition • The winners will be drawn at random after 3 June 2019 • The winners will be announced on the Specsavers Professional Network • There are five Volk lenses as prizes

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