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Bookings open for 25th PAC

25 July 2019

As a Specsavers employee, you can view anything in ProFile and access online CET by logging in with your iLearn username and password. Log in now or find out more for advice on logging-in, email | more



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CET: Contact lens series Part 5 – Complications of contact lens wear: microbial and sterile infiltrative keratitis

13 June 2019

Optometrists - particularly those who are IP qualified - can now treat a wide range of red eye conditions, many of which are associated with CL-related ocular complications. This article discusses the diagnosis and management of CL-related microbial keratitis, referral guidelines, and the importance of consent in CL practice. | 1 interactive or non-interactive point for contact lens opticians, optometrists, therapeutic optometrists and dispensing opticians | more


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